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Changing the server Icon

A server icon is a picture or logo that shows up on the left side of the server name in your Minecraft client’s multiplayer list.

Preparing the image

Before setting up a server icon on your server you will need an image, for which there are a few requirements.

  • The image size must be 64 pixels by 64 pixels
  • The file type must be a .png
  • The file name must be server-icon

Setting up the icon

After preparing your image, follow the below steps to setup your server icon.

  1. After prepairing your image, upload it to your Minecraft server using either the Panel file manager or a SFTP client like FileZilla.
  2. Upload the server-icon.png file inside the root directory (/home/container)
  3. After uploading the icon file, go back to the console tab and restart the server to apply the server-icon changes.