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Installing BeamMP Game


This article explains how to install BeamMP so you can play multiplayer with your friends!


BeamMP requires that you own and have the latest version of installed on Steam. Pirated versions are not supported.

BeamMP only officially supports Windows. Linux and MacOS require extra steps, which are not detailed here.


  1. Head to the BeamMP Website and click “Download Client”
    • BeamMP website, with Download Client button highlighted
  2. Open the ZIP and extract it.
    • BeamMP installation ZIP downloaded
    1. Click Extract All
      • Windows File Explorer, with Extract All option highlighted
    2. In the extraction wizard, click Extract
      • Windows extraction wizard, with extract highlighted
  3. Run the BeamMP_Installer.exe, by double-clicking it.
  4. Run through the installer
    1. Choose the desired language, and click OK
      • BeamMP Installation language page
    2. Agree to the license agreement, and click Next
      • BeamMP Installation license agreement page
    3. Choose if you want a desktop shortcut, and click Next
      • BeamMP Installation additional tasks page
    4. Click Install to proceed with the installation.
      • BeamMP Installation install page
    5. Wait for the install to complete, and click Finish to finish the installation
      • BeamMP Installation finish screen
  5. The BeamMP Launcher will launch, looking like this
    • BeamMP Launcher
  6. The BeamMP Launcher will automatically launch! Click Launch to play!
    • Launcher, with Launch button highlighted
  7. Once the game has loaded, click Multiplayer to play BeamMP
    • Main Menu, with Multiplayer option highlighted

Done! You can now play with your friends.