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BeamMP Server Setup


This guide details how to setup your new Horizon Hosting BeamMP Gameserver so that it shows on the serverlist.

Obtaining a server key

  • Start by logging into the BeamMP Keymaster with your Discord account.
  • Click the blue ‘here’ text to create a new key.
  • Fill out the server name and the IP. Please note, the IP field does nothing and can be left as
  • Your newly generated key will then be shown.

Please ensure to not share this key. This key is unique to you.

1 key per server is required for your server to show on the serverlist. If you require more server keys, this can be done by donating on the BeamMP Patreon

Startup Configuration

Configuration options for your server will show in the “Startup” tab on the HRZN Hosting Panel. The following fields will be present:

Authentication KeyYour key from the BeamMP Keymaster. This is required to make your BeamMP server show on the serverlist.aid693aa-l5c2-5883-b498-z196873fc578
NameThe name of your server, which will show on the server listHorizon Networks BeamMP Server
CarsThe number of cars that a user can spawn3
MapThe map that the server will use./levels/gridmap_v2/info.json
DescriptionThe description of your server, which will show on the server listHorizon Networks BeamMP Server
Max PlayersThe maximum number of players that can be on your server, please contact support via our Discord or change your package to edit this.20
PrivateWhether your server should show on the server list or not. If it is true, it will not show.true or false

Adding client mods to your server

Adding mods to your server can be done by using the online “Files tab on the HRZN Hosting Panel or an SFTP Client.

  • Firstly, navigate to the Resources folder, and then to the Client folder.
  • Then, upload your mod ZIPs to this folder.
  • Finally, head back to the “Console” tab on the panel. Here, click restart to restart your server and apply the changes.

Client mods and maps will automatically be downloaded by all clients upon joining.

Changing the map on your server

Changing the map can be done by changing the Map field in the “Startup” tab on the Panel. Shown below are the default BeamNG.Drive maps that do not need additional client ZIPs to be used:

  • /levels/gridmap_v2/info.json
  • /levels/automation_test_track/info.json
  • /levels/east_coast_usa/info.json
  • /levels/hirochi_raceway/info.json
  • /levels/italy/info.json
  • /levels/jungle_rock_island/info.json
  • /levels/industrial/info.json
  • /levels/small_island/info.json
  • /levels/smallgrid/info.json
  • /levels/utah/info.json
  • /levels/west_coast_usa/info.json
  • /levels/driver_training/info.json
  • /levels/derby/info.json

For custom maps, additional configuration is required:

  • First, look inside the map ZIP and then open the levels folder.
  • Inside this folder, there should be another folder. Copy the name of this folder.
  • Edit the map configuration in the “Startup” section. It should read /levels/MAPNAME/info.json with the MAPNAME being the name you just copied.

Joining your server

If your server is visible on the serverlist, you can search for the name in-game and join it.

Alternatively, if your server is not visible on the serverlist, you can join it by:

  • First copying the IP address visible in the “Console” tab on the panel. (Example
  • Then, go to the “Direct Connect” tab in the multiplayer menu and click “Paste from Clipboard”.
  • Finally, click “Connect” and you will be on your server.