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Getting and installing a gameserver token (GSL Token)

All Garry’s Mod servers can be shown publicly through the Garry’s Mod server list, to do this, a GSLT needs to be installed into the server.

Creating and installing a Gameserver Login Token

  1. Go to the Manage Game Servers area on the steam website and login.
  2. Locate the “Create a new game server account” near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter the App ID for Garry’s Mod (4000) and also a memo to remember which server it is for. For example, “DarkRP Server”
  4. Copy the “Login Token” from the list of game server accounts.
  5. Go to the Game Panel and go to your server.
  6. In the startup section, paste the gameserver token in the “STEAM ACCOUNT TOKEN” box.
  7. Restart/Start the server and now the server should authorise with the server list.


  • Please ensure you use one token per server as using one for multiple servers will cause authentication issues leading to your players being kicked.
  • If a GSL Token is not used for a long period of time, it will expire and you will get this message when trying to run the server. Could not establish connection to Steam servers. (GSL token expired).
    • To fix this, you will need to go back to Manage Game Server and choose “Regenerate Token” on the token you wish to use. Then you can take the newly generated token and install it on your server.