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BeamMP Signup


This article will describe how to make a BeamMP account for the forum and in game.

Although it is not required to have an account to play on servers it is recommended.


  1. Go to the BeamMP Forum and click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner.
    • BeamMP Forum page with steps
  2. A popup should appear asking you to enter your details - Your should select a Username which is unique (It will tell you if it is not) and memorable.
    • BeamMP Forum Popup with steps
  3. Once you have clicked on Create your account you should receive an email looking like this:
    • BeamMP Signup Email with steps
  4. Once you have complete the setup of your account you can now sign in on the game login page with the same details.
    • In game BeamMP Login Window with steps

You should now be setup with your BeamMP account in game!