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Branding Guidelines

Last Updated: 5th, May 2024
Last Reviewed: 5th, May 2024

Horizon Hosting is happy to introduce our new style, this has been refined from the well known one to give Horizon Hosting a more defined and sophisticated look, with this, we are happy to let anyone who wishes use our trademarks, logos, images, screenshots and other digital media (“Horizon Assets”) to refer to Horizon Hosting, however they are owned by Horizon Hosting Limited and must be used in compliance with these terms and guidelines. Please note this does not license the use of closed-source code, websites, or other Horizon Hosting owned media that isn’t covered as Horizon Assets.

With this page you can find the terms and guidelines for using our assets correctly. We wish that you follow them when using our assets, if you have any questions please email [email protected]. If you believe someone is using these assets incorrectly please notify us via the email provided or via our abuse form.

Please remember that you are responsible for using the correct and most up to date brand assets. Thank you for respecting our assets and terms

To Do and What Not To Do

Here is a simple and short list of what you should and shouldn’t do with our assets. The guidelines will be imitated using the main logo, however these guidelines apply to all Horzion assets.

What you can do

Use Different Backgrounds

You may use photographs or colours for a background of a logo provided you have the legal rights to use them. You should also ensure that there is sufficient contrast between the background and logo to keep the logo recognizable and legible.

Use the Icon Without the Wordmark

You may remove the wordmark from the logo to shorten its length or allow it to be used in smaller areas.

Change to be Black & White

If you wish to make the icon black and white ensure that the contrast between the background and logo is at a sufficient level that the logo is still legible and recognizable.

Ensure the Exclusion Zone is Clear

You should ensure that the exclusion zone is not being intruded upon by other objects.

Stay Within The Minimum Constraints

You should make sure that the logo is above 50px / 5cm in height and is recognizable and legible.

Use Colours Chosen by Us

You should ensure that any background colour is chosen from our own brand colours.

Always Attribute

When using any Horizon assets, you should always give attributions towards ourselves and a link to

Use Correct Grammar and Punctuation

You should always spell and capitalise all names as they are displayed as on our service list. For example always give our services a captial letter at the start of their name.

What you shouldn’t do

Do Not Change the Colours or Design of The Logos

When using a Horizon logo, do not distort or alter an image in any way, this includes but is not limited to, adding effects, changing the rotation, adding gradients, warping, changing typeface, or outlining the logo.

Do Not Place Items Within the Exclusion Zone

You should never place items within of the logos exclusion zone, this includes additional text, images and icons.

Do Not Use the Wordmark Without the Icon

You should always show the wordmark with the icon or the icon alone, never use the wordmark by itself.

Don’t Suggest Association

You should never suggest or imply association, endorsement or partnership between Horizon and yourself or your business without our explicit permission. Please be aware that any form of marketing towards our products or services is not considered to be a partnership, however you may mention that your services are “powered by Horizon Hosting”.

Don’t Be Defamatory

You should not use Horizon assets in any way that could be seen as defamatory towards Horizon or a third party, additionally you should not use Horizon assets to promote, produce or endorse illegal goods or acts.

Don’t Impersonate

Please do not use any Horizon assets to trick, deceive or otherwise attempt to appear as us. You may not use Horizon assets to immitate or impersonate our brand or our company. If you believe there could be a misconseption with relation or ownership please ensure that you take the appropriate action to notify anyone that you are not related to Horizon.

By following Horizon Hosting’s Brand Guidelines Horizon Hosting grants you non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free limited license to use the specified Horizon Assets for referring to Horizon Hosting in the manner specified. By using Horizon Assets you agree to these terms.

Any use of Horizon Assets must include clear and readable attribution that indicates ownership towards Horizon Hosting. Only Horizon Hosting may choose whether a particular use of Horizon Asssets is deemed to be breaking guidelines and needs to be removed or changed. Changes to these terms can occour at any time. If changes are made we will attempt to make notice to all clients via email. By using Horizon Assets you agree to be contacted about the improper use of Horizon Assets. Nothing in the Terms grants or should be interpreted as granting you rights to Horizon Assets. You agree to not violate or assist others to violate the Terms.

Horizon Hosting reserves the right to take any action against use of Horizon Assets that violates the Terms or infringes Horizon Hostings intellectual property or other rights, or violates applicable laws. You may not grant your own rights to Horizon Assets without Horizon Hosting’s written consent.

Any parties using Horizon Assets are seperate from Horizon Hosting Limited and should not be deemed to be an employee partner or legal representative. They also shall not have rights or powers to make decisions or obligations on behalf of Horizon Hosting.

The terms are governed by and constructed under the United Kingdom. Any failure or delay to Horizon Hosting executing any right or power should not be classed as waiving the privilege to do so.

All of these terms are not intended to provide any advantage or benefit towards a singular party and should not be interpreted in that way.

Logos in Use

Below, you can download all icons that are currently in use, please remember to follow the brand guidelines and provide attribution with a link to when using any assets.

Special Badges

Current Horizon doesn’t provide any special badges for partnerships, etc. In the future if Horizon supports these special badges, a section will be added to include them.

Brand Colours

These are the redefined colours for Horizon Hosting. We do not own the rights to any colour palettes shown, most have been selected from tailwindcss.

Colour Palette Suggestions

Whilst you must use the colour palettes shown when creating or modifying any Horizon Assets you are not required, but are suggested to follow our suggestions for how the colours are used.

When using the Slate palette use it as a gray or black, please use its lighter colours for text whilst its lowers as background and contrast elements.

When using Horizon Red ensure that it used in proportion. You may use Horizon Red to highlight or outline features of the Horizon brand. Ensure that when using Horizon Red you also use a lower white to ensure contrast between major keywords or text and the other words.

When using other colours ensure that they have correct contrast, try to be conservative when using colours or light within it to ensure it is not overpowering.

You may use images alongside text if there is void space which should be filled. When using images ensure there is enough space to keep the text legible whilst ensuring that it does not create an unnecessary void.

Colour Palettes

Horizon Red

Lightest - #FFB3BA

Lighter - #FF818C

Light - #FF707D

Primary - #FF4F5E

Dark - #FF2E3F

Darker - #FF1D30

Darkest - #EA0014


50 - #F8FAFC

100 - #F1F5F9

200 - #E2E8F0

300 - #CBD5E1

400 - #94A3B8

500 - #64748B

600 - #475569

700 - #334155

800 - #1E293B

900 - #0F172A

Report Violations or Contact Us

We ask that if you find any websites or other media that is using the Horizon Assets inappropriately that you report them to us, you may do this by emailing [email protected] with the URL of the inappropriate asset along with any additional comments you may have. Please ensure that the email has an appropriate subject to it and ensure it includes a URL otherwise we will not be able to take action.

If you wish to contact us regarding any questions about our branding or their guidelines you may also use the same email address.


We thank the people and business below for allowing use to their items for our brand.