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How to change Cobalt Essentials Vehicle Limit


Cobalt Essentials is a powerful moderation tool for BeamMP. Cobalt Essentials defines its own vehicles limits, which can be dynamic for different players, depending on permission level. However, this is not clear when installing Cobalt Essentials. This guide details how to change this limit, so you can have as many cars as you want.


  1. Navigate to the File Manager
    • Gamepanel File Manager
  2. Go to Resources -> Server -> CobaltEssentials -> CobaltDB
    • Gamepanel File Manager CobaltDB Folder
  3. Click on permissions.json to open the file
    • Gamepanel FIle Manager with permissions.json highlighted

The JSON formatting in this file is important. Please try to keep the formatting as it is where possible, otherwise it might break the server.

  1. Under the vehicleCap section, the number of vehicles each permission level can spawn is defined.
    • For example, with the default configuration, a user with a level of 1, can only spawn one vehicle. A level of 1 is the default for a normal player.
    • Gamepanel file editor for permissions.json, with default values set
  2. Set the levels to how you wish. The below config allows any player to spawn 10 vehicles
    • Gamepanel file editor for permissions.json, with updated values

If the MaxCars value on the server (set in Startup) is lower, than it will be limited to that value.

  1. Click Save Content to save the file, then return to the Console section
    • Gamepanel file editor for permissions.json, with Save Content and Console buttons highlighted
  2. Restart the server
    • Gamepanel Console page, with Restart button highlighted

Done! You have now adjusted Cobalt Essentials’ vehicle limit.