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Getting Support

Getting further support is easy! Just look at the available support options below:

Billing enquiries and refund requests should be handled via our Billing Panel Tickets!


The HRZN Discord is a friendly community full of people who are ready to help!

Community Support Channel

In the Discord, there is a #community-support channel where you can ask questions and get help from fellow clients, or our support team when they are around. This channel should be used for addon or game-related questions.

For example, DarkRP help or how to install Prometheus!

Discord Tickets

Discord Tickets should be used for server specific issues, where you think one of our team needs to step in!

To open a ticket, go to the #new-ticket channel, and click the correct department. Then, sit back and wait while one of our team comes to assist

Please make your self aware of the support rules in this channel!

Billing Panel Ticket