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HRZN Hosting Knowledgebase & Docs


The knowledgebase is a place where you can find answers to common questions, and even tutorials on how to use/setup our services! This is so that we can help you get the most out of your servers, and make sure you don't get left behind. It also helps us free up some of our resources to help other people, who have more advanced support requests.


In the future, we will be adding a documentation section, where you can find advanced instructions on how to use our services and APIs, for things like our panel and our Hub. This will be useful for people who are new to our services, and for people who are new to the technology behind our services.


The blog is a place where staff and management will be able to writeup about the interesting things they are doing. It is also where we will post things like new features, updates, or security updates.


Anyone can contribute to our documentation site! You could fix any errors you come across, update the documentation, or write up a tutorial yourself.

You can edit a page, by clicking the "Edit this page" button at the bottom left of an article. However, if you want to write something up yourself, you can head over to the GitHub Repository and create a pull request. Make sure to read the README.md file, so you know what you are doing, and the guidelines for contributing.